Umbrella app by Security First

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The all-in-one app for digital and physical security.

Security First’s flagship Umbrella app gives you free digital and physical security advice when you need it most.

Umbrella is the only security handbook you’ll ever need in a free, open source app. Learn about the latest risks and how to mitigate them. Designed and used by journalists, aid workers, human rights activists, and people travelling in high-risk areas.

Get prepared. Simple, practical steps you can take to stay secure when you work, travel, and communicate. Umbrella includes guides to recommended security tools and instructions for your level, from beginner to advanced.

Stay informed, wherever you are. Umbrella updates you on the latest security risks in your area, saving you time in the field. Your location stays on your device, so we can’t track you.

Stay private. Keep your security protocols private with encryption and passwords. Hide the app when you cross a border with a simple gesture.