San Diego School of Survival

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The San Diego School of Survival is an effort by a few Military Veterans to impart our knowledge and experience upon any who are interested.

San Diego School of Survival provides expert training in the survival arts. Through our expert training, students can gain the upper hand on mother nature. Based out of San Diego, they have the benefit of quick and direct access to Southern California’s wide variety of environmental biomes. Ranging from the deserts of Anza Borrego, to the dry, Mediterranean shrubland of San Diego’s North County, we can equip you with the skills necessary to survive in nearly any climate.

All classes will take place in the field and on the go. They firmly believe that outdoor education is best taught, outdoors and not in classrooms. However they will accommodate in higher levels of academia.

Classes offered:

  • Basic Hiking, Packing, and Preparation
  • Intro to Land Navigation
  • Land Navigation
  • Wilderness Survival day hike
  • Confidence Course
  • Wilderness Survival Overnighter
  • Wilderness Survival Test
  • The Bourne Event
  • Outdoor Leadership Program (Instructor Trainer Program)
  • Corporate and Team Building Events
  • Urban Survival