Pay With Privacy

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  • By · cards can be used everywhere major debit cards are accepted.

Forget about credit card fraud, data breaches, or having to update billing information at all the services you use when a card gets hacked. Foil fraudsters, keep you personal information safe and take back control of your online spending!


  • Complete Control: Set max charge limits on each card and close any card with just a swipe.
  • Private Payments: Spend anonymously. Use a fake name when you pay. It’s nobody’s business what you buy.
  • Foil Fraudsters: Cards are automatically locked to the first merchant they’re used at. So you’re safe even if the merchant gets breached.
  • Stop Subscriptions: Set a max charge or make your card single use, so you’ll never forget to cancel one of those pesky “30 day free trials.”
  • Completely free: makes money from merchants, just like a debit or credit card. They will not sell your information or surprise you with any hidden fees.