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Operational-Security.com is a blog that we at Unvisible.me have been a long time fan of. Justin Carroll has put out many of our favorite pieces of content, including books like ComSec: Off-The-Grid Communication Strategies for Privacy Enthusiasts, Journalists, Politicians, Crooks, and the Average Joe as well as The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference. The Operational-Security.com blog digs a little deeper into personal privacy and security related topics.

At Operational-Security.com you will find posts that are mostly tutorial in style. They are intended to help people actually use security and privacy tools. This can be of great value for anyone trying to learn how these tools work and methods to apply them in your personal life. Some of our favorite posts include:

  • 30 Day Security Challenge
  • Privacy Hack: iOS Low Power Mode
  • Extreme Uses of Privacy.com
  • and Justin’s “Surveillance & Lock Safari” posts

Justin started this blog because when he set out to learn about privacy and security related topics as applied to ones personal life, he realized that there weren’t a lot of resources that spoke professionally to laymen. Everything he found was either dumbed down too far or very high level and was above his head. So he created a source of information that explained things in detail for non-technical people.