OnlyKey Hardware Password Manager

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OnlyKey is a hardware password manager that you can take with you everywhere to stay secure online.

PROTECT ONLINE ACCOUNTS – A password manager, two-factor security key, and secure communication token in one, OnlyKey can keep your accounts safe even if your computer or a website is compromised. OnlyKey is open source, verified, and trustworthy.

UNIVERSALLY SUPPORTED – Works with all websites including Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Onlykey supports multiple methods of two-factor authentication including FIDO U2F, Yubikey OTP, TOTP, Challenge-response.

PORTABLE PROTECTION – Extremely durable, waterproof, and tamper resistant design allows you to take your OnlyKey with you everywhere.

PIN PROTECTED – The PIN used to unlock OnlyKey is entered directly on it. This means that if this device is stolen, it becomes purposeless, after 10 failed attempts to unlock, data is securely erased.

EASY LOG IN – No need to remember multiple passwords because by plugging OnlyKey to your computer, it automatically inputs your username and password. It works with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Chromebook, just press a button to login securely!

  • PIN Protected Hardware Password Manager w/Physical Security
  • Professional Grade Encryption
  • Advanced Two Factor Authentication
  • Waterproof and Extremely Durable
  • Includes Keychain and Black Protective Case