Keyport Pivot

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Essential Bundle: Key Organizer & Modular EDC Keychain Multitool
+ Mini-Flashlight Module + MOCA 10-in-1 Key Tool

Part key organizer, part Swiss Army knife, part lost & found. The Keyport Pivot Essential Bundle replaces your bulky keychain and consolidates your most essential personal items (keys – pocket tools – smart tech) into a single stylish, modular EDC multi-tool that you will use every day, multiple times a day. The Pivot Essential Bundle includes:

Keyport Pivot
The Keyport Pivot holds 2 – 9 of your existing keys, and assembly is quick and easy. The Pivot features a proprietary locking mechanism which provides the perfect tension to ensure smooth operation every time and to prevent unintended loosening over time, a frequent issue with other key holders. It also comes with a 360 degree low profile swivel d-ring to attach loose items like an auto remote fob.

Mini-Flashlight Module
The 12 lumen Mini-Flashlight is a perfect, portable, lighting solution that attaches to your Keyport Pivot. It gives you a handy EDC mini-light at your fingertips to shed a little light when you need it the most.

10-In-1 MOCA Keychain Multi-Tool
Whether you need to open a bottle of your favorite beer or soda, tighten a loose screw, pull out a staple, cut open a cardboard box, cut a fishing line, or simply measure something to the nearest 16th of an inch, this handy multipurpose tool helps you get the job done. The MOCA includes: Bottle Opener | Flathead Screwdriver | Cord Cutter | Box Opener | Scoring Tool | Hex Bit Driver | 1/4” Wrench | 5/16” Wrench | 3/8” Wrench | 2” Ruler