Jumbo: Privacy Assistant App

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If there is one app for all your privacy needs, Jumbo might be it!

Jumbo is a simple and efficient interface to manage all your privacy needs in one place.

Jumbo manages your privacy on:

  • Facebook
  • Google Search
  • Twitter
  • Alexa
  • New apps are being added every week.

Clean your digital life in seconds.

Jumbo Cleaning Mode saves hours of manual work to backup then remove old Facebook photos (coming soon), tweets, Google Searches, Alexa queries…

Smart Privacy Settings For Facebook.

We have designed this revolutionary feature that can protect your privacy by changing your Facebook privacy settings, in one-tap.

Select the privacy level you are comfortable with, Strong, Medium or Weak, and Jumbo changes more than 30 settings for you automatically.

Private and Secure. By Design.

Jumbo works uniquely from your iPhone, without any server-side processing. No login required.

All the intelligence is powered by your Apple device. Jumbo can not access any of your personal data, or track your personal behaviour.