HAVEN Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Lock

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Home Security Door Barricade Prevents Break-Ins. Made in USA.

HAVEN Mechanical is a manual lock that engages with the bottom of your door for strong, reliable security. Manually controlling HAVEN while your are inside your home is easy. Simply step on the right petal to lock, and step on the lift gate to collapse and unlock your door.

CEO and Co-founder of HAVEN, Alex Bertelli, invented the concept for HAVEN Locks while flying Special Operations Forces on direct action raids in Iraq and Afghanistan. He noticed that insurgents were fortifying their homes and compounds by welding steel bars at the bottom, middle, and top of their doors. The wedge concept for HAVEN was created from the floor based bar concept Alex witnessed overseas and was incorporated into the very first prototype that the team made. HAVEN is designed, tested, and manufactured in Tennessee. They proudly to employ veterans and have skilled TN craftsmen build their products.

The locking gate of HAVEN is designed to flex. It absorbs the force of an attempted break-in at the door. Built to protect your family & home from a break-in.

HAVEN sources components for its products right here in the USA. Our company philosophy focuses on creating jobs for Americans and utilizing their skills and trade to make high quality, reliable products.

HAVEN is designed with the strongest military grade materials: steel, nylon, and industrial strength poly-carbonates.