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Expert firearms training for all skill levels
by former Reconnaissance Marine & Special Operations instructor Buck Doyle.

Follow Through offers expert firearms training to individuals and groups of all ability levels.  Available courses include:

Scoped Carbine: a three-day shooters’ experience designed to bring the physical, mental, and technical aspects of gunfighting off of the square range and into a rugged, rural environment where shooters learn to maximize the capability of their carbine/AR rifle. Buck Doyle brings over two decades of observation and experience on and off the battlefield in teaching students to shoot, move, and communicate—from the gunfighter’s perspective. In the midst of the Capitol Reef’s spectacular scenery, at elevations of 6700 ft., students will go from engaging targets at CQB to maximum effective range of their weapon system. Developing full-field situational awareness and addressing the variables of physical and mental duress, shooters will understand what it takes to master the fundamentals of marksmanship in a practical, real-world environment.

Night Fighter: Follow Through and TNVC have teamed up to take all of the elements of the Scoped Carbine course into a no-light environment. With TNVC providing the latest NV equipment to students during the course, Night Fighter courses allows shooters the opportunity to employ a variety of night vision clip-on devices (both I2 & thermal), while incorporating all of the instructional tenets of the regular Scoped Carbine course.

Recce Carbine: a (3) day tactical firearms training based on the fundamentals of gunfighting and small unit tactics utilizing a “Recce” AR setup (variable or fixed powered scope, 14.5″-16″-barreled AR platform, preferred). Shooters will be challenged executing various courses of fire and maneuvering in a mountainous environment (ranging from 10-500m). Additionally, Shooters will be presented with optimal techniques and procedures in setting up and employing their Recce carbine and associated kit (light weight pack and load bearing belt/vest).

Recce Pistol: This is not a beginner-level course**—it is intended for the seasoned tactical/competitive pistol shooter who is looking for a physically/mentally challenging three days of shooting.  Students will apply principles of tactical marksmanship, situational awareness, and walk away with an understanding of the capability and means of employment of their pistol (and associated gear/equipment) within a variety of operational environments.