eAlarm+ Personal Emergency Alarm

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Built with Airplane Approved Batteries.

The future of personal security has arrived. Studies have shown that alarms act as an effective deterrent, and with eAlarm+ BASU has created an outdoor companion for every explorer.

The eAlarm+ is an ultra-compact emergency alarm, small in size but big in sound. Once you pull the pin, the device emits a 130 decibel alarm. The siren will sound continuously for 30 minutes unless pin is returned to device. The eAlarm+ allows maximum utility for those intending to use in the outdoors with a rugged rubber water-resistant shield.

The extra bottom hook feature allows easy construction of a tripwire or campsite alarm. Use eAlarm+ in any emergency when camping, hiking, or traveling. Use the tripwire feature to secure your campsite or at home to secure your vehicles, safes, or valuables.

Battery and Metal Carabiner are included.