Console Vault In-Vehicle Safe

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The Console Vault In-Vehicle Safe is the perfect solution for your car, SUV or truck for securing and concealing your valuables and firearms.

Discreet: The Console Vault is easy to install inside the console of your vehicle and are discreetly hidden to ensure that the interior of your vehicle looks exactly as it should. No one will know your vehicle is equipped with a safe. Your console lid operates exactly the same as before our safe is installed.

Secure: Once you lift the lid, our classy looking safe is revealed. Your valuables and firearms are safe, secure and are kept from prying eyes. Console Vaults are designed to meet the rigorous quality standards of the OEM vehicle manufacturers. So, no matter where you go, peace of mind travels with you!

Key features of the in-vehicle safe:

  • Fits in the console of your vehicle concealed from view
  • No modifications to your vehicle’s console are needed
  • 12 gauge steel construction
  • Meets Automotive stringent quality standards
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Triple Guard locking system to deter entry
  • Keyed entry and three or four digit lock types available
  • Vault designs for many of today’s make and model of vehicles