Privacy & Security Desk Reference

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Volume I: Digital & Volume II: Physical

Volume 1:

The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference is a textbook, at nearly 500 pages, that explains how to become digitally invisible. You will make all of your communications private, data encrypted, internet connections anonymous, computers hardened, identity guarded, purchases secret, accounts secured, devices locked, and home address hidden. You will remove all personal information from public view and will reclaim your right to privacy. You will no longer give away your intimate details and you will take yourself out of ‘the system’. You will use covert aliases and misinformation to eliminate current and future threats toward your privacy & security. When taken to the extreme, you will be impossible to compromise.

Volume 2:

Volume 1 helps make you digitally invisible. Volume 2 continues with your journey and explores complete physical privacy and security in the real world. After 100 pages of updates from the previous volume (Digital), this book explains how to be private and secure in your home and while you travel.

You will create a more secure home perimeter, use living trusts, land trust and LLC’s to privately title your home, apply physical disinformation techniques around your property, execute a fail-proof firewall to protect your entire home network and devices, install better locks on your doors, enable advanced features of your alarm system, install a proper home safe, modify your vehicles and usage, privately title your vehicle and registration, embrace surveillance under your terms, avoid threats to your safety, secure your belongings from physical and digital intrusion during travel, and become more aware of your surroundings while being prepared to take action. When taken to the extreme, you will be impossible to compromise.