5 Arrows Tactical Training

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5 Arrows Tactical Training is here to provide for your training needs. They provide training for civilians (beginner to advanced), military, and law enforcement. All instructors are former military and /or law enforcement, and / or NRA certified.

5 Arrows Tactical Training uses the best aspects of Civilian, Military and other recognized training schools to create an environment focused on achieving a well rounded student, that is trained is a safe environment, who is competent in stressful situations.

5 Arrows Tactical Training is committed to training their students the values of integrity, honor, and courage! These values and the skills we train our students in have proven to be invaluable in many aspects of their daily lives, not just in the use of firearms.

Thier classes include:

NRA Certified Courses, Beginning Pistol / Shotgun, Rifle, Self-Defense Pistol (3 Levels), Carbine, Shotgun, Long Range Rifle (1,000 yards), Multi-State CCW classes (UT, FL, OR, VA, & AZ), & Advanced Medical. Private lessons available upon request.